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Submitt your site to Google, Bing & Yahoo

Get found on the 3 most used search engines on the planet sooner by submitting your site directly to them and letteing them know about you new website or big update you've made to one of your pages: 

SiteSubmittURL: Submitt to all international Google Sites

With this auto submission tool you can send your website URL to 82 international Google  Serach Engines and 26 other important engines with a single click. Try it out and resubmit your site every month over and over again. Once you are on the site fill in your Site URL and email address. If you want to send you site URL to all 108 Search Sngines, click "check all"  then click the button "Submit my Site". 

This service is FREE!

Submitt Your Site to <70 Search Engines with one Click

Around 80% of all searches done online are done with the top 20 search engines. Most of these search engines require you submit your site to them, and it's generally accepted that ongoing submissions are necessary for high ranking. Go to Submit Express

Other Important Manual Search Engine Submission

1)   Baidu - with 1.3 billion people living in China, ignoring the largest Chinese search engine isn't the wisest of ideas. For your convenience,  I've already added Google's translate function with this Baidu website submit link.

2)   Yandex - Yandex is Russia's largest search engine and the eight largest search engine world-wide. You do need to register.

3)   Cuil -Cuil claims to have the most indexed web pages on the internet. Launched in 2008 by ex-Google staffers, this search engine is surely here to stay.

4)   Duckduckgo - with nearly 200,000 visitors a month, this new and increasingly growing search engine certainly can take a few seconds of your time to submit your site to it.

5)   Secret Search Engine Labs - Secret Search Engine gives smaller sites the same opportunity and importance as larger, more established sites that Google and other massive search engines put an importance on

6)   Exalead - This European based search engine has been around since 2000 and is growing in numbers.

7)   Anoox - Anoox claims is a community based search engine where the people will decide the ranking of any particular webpage.

8)   InfoTiger - A small but growing search engine.

9)   ScrubTheWeb - ScrubTheWeb is a descent sized search engine. They do require you to give your email in order for your website to be crawled. I encourage you not to put in a fake email address because you have to click on an activation key that will be sent to your email before they will except your website to be submitted.

10)   Acoon - Acoon is an up-and-coming German search engine

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