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Q.Light Phototherapy is an optimalsupplementation for many medical treatment methods, prevention applications as well as to support regeneration and healing processes.

The treatment with Q.Light supports, among other things, various phases of the natural regeneration potential of the human body. It is inflammation retarding, pain reducing, improves perfusion, assists the development of new blood vessels, enhances lymphatic drainage and triggers general metabolic activity.

The Q.Light Phototherapy also regulates the hormonal system and optimizes neuroimmunological parameters.

Biological Effects The biological effects related with the Q.Light Photo Therapy for medical applications are:

  • Activation of local and systemic microcirculation
  • Enhancement of oxygen transport into skin and tissue
  • Optimizes permeability of cell membrane
  • mprovement of cell metabolism
  • Stimulation of lymphatic activity
  • Regulation of hormonal system

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If you are an Entrepreneur, Distrubutor, Importer or Wholseller working in the BeautyMedical, Health Care, Skin Care or Wellness Business range, then you should take some time to check out this unique and interesting business opportunity offered by this Swiss manufacturer.

Q.Lights® are non-laser phototherapy devices that offer many of the benefits of low-power laser, in a more convenient, accessible and economic form.Q.Lights® do not emit ultra-violet light, just visible and near infra-red light frequencies up to 1700nm, or selected parts of this spectrum.

Your clients, experienced medical and health care professionals will enjoy the advanced control features of the top model Q.Light® PRO UNIT but, unlike laser, you can safely operate Q.Light® with a small amount of training, save on annual statutory licence fees and there is no need to wear protective goggles. Practitioners untrained in laser can still achieve outstanding results withQ.Light®, in a safe, simple and affordable manner.

Medical treatments with polarized light are becomming more popular every year. The famous autor Dr. Jacob Liberman who wrote the  "Light Medicine of the Future" said the understanding of frequency related with the human body is the future of healing not phamaceuticals! Become part of this future today!

If your business is operating in the Medical, Health Care, Skin Care or Wellness market contact the manufacturer for more details about distribution oor private labelling of Q.Light®products.

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Q.Light Medical Brochure

Technical Details of the Q.Light System

Q.Products AG is the developer and manufacturer of medically approved light and colour therapy devices for professional users as well as for home therapy.

The emitted light spectrum of Q.Light® products appears white. However, Q.Light® emits visible light and near infrared Light in a wavelength range of 385 to 1700 nm with a power density at 20cm distance of 40mW/cm2.

Q.Light is a Certified Medical Product
Q.Light® Light Therapy Systems are certified active medical products based on ISO 9000 & EN 46000 and carries the following CE Mark:
CE 1275

Not only the Q.Light® systems are certified but also its applications! Please view the certifications below:

The Q.Light Devices

Q.Light Pro Unit

Q.Light Wound Care

Q.Light PDT

Q.Light Filter Sets

Q.Light Indication Filter Set Pro. Conatins the following FIklters: Wound Care excl. IR, Wound Care Incl. IR, Acne Care, Pain Care, SAD FIlter

Q.Light Skin Care Filter Set Pro. Contains the following Filters: Skin Care, Anti Ageing, Cellulite. Optional ilters:  Acne Care and Pain care

Q.Light Coulouir Filter Set Pro. Contains the following filters: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet 

Q.Light Stands

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