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A unique product line

Life Resonance Cosmetics is a unique high quality certified organic & natural skin care product line made in Switzerland. Its proved deep reaching rejunvenating, anti-ageing and energizing effects impress every user. 

Life Resonance Nature and Energy Cosmetics have been awarded the BDIH certificate for controlled natural cosmetics.

The revolutionary approach of Life Resonance:

All products are enriched with reorganizing resonance patterns obtained from natural resources, such as plants, gems, minerals, as well as light and color spectra.

Enhanced by such energizing factors, Life Resonance products offer the necessary regenerative impulses, which harmonize drained energy flows and return them to balanced dynamics. The feeling of vitality is elevated at all levels

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Focussing on energy resources, Life Resonance has created a unique benefit that reaches way beyond the conventional cosmetic treatments.

The Institute for Bioinformation developed a biophysical procedure for the bio-activation of cosmetic products, especially for Life Resonance, by which ancient knowledge was coupled with modern technology with care in order to combine calming and vitalizing resonance patterns into harmonious compositions. 

Mother Nature served as a guiding principle for the whole development process. The resonance patterns are obtained, among other things, from light and color spectra, from oxygen,
gem stones, precious metals and sound spectra and are imprinted with a lasting effect on the cosmetic products.

Various requests from abroad and a positive echo at home provided the impetus to develop new complementary sales channels. The licensing of products, accompanied by specialized use and treatment method, presents itself as one of the most opportune method of sales.

If you are interested in distributionship of our products or you are interested in a license partnership then contact us today to discuss the terms.. Below plase find requirements you should  meet:

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The Products

Life Resonance is based on the explosive knowledge that it is not sufficient for good cosmetic products to be composed of top quality natural ingredients, it is also vital that they contain energy-enhancing active principles.

Life Resonance fully meets both criteria - visibly and perceptibly - offering Beauty + Energy  in one!

A wide variety of natural extracts and plant oils derived from biologically  cultivated and controlled production in the Life Resonance cosmetics is proof of the inexhaustible wealth of richness that nature has in store for us. 

Life Resonance treats these living forces with extreme care. Their valuable properties are further supported by energy-enhancing resonance patterns. 

Additionally fortifying the high-quality products with vitalizing components is a revolutionary approach. Life Resonance’s goal is to achieve aligning, regenerating and revitalizing effects that influence body, mind and soul through the skin. The skin itself builds up new energy reserves and activates optimal caring properties. 

Life Resonance is more than cosmetics – Life Resonance also provides daily energy care and health prophylaxis.

Technical Details

Experiance the Energy.


Life Resonance Prtoducts are based on the discovery that optimal bodily function, mental well-being and a pleasing, radiant vitality – as well as simply feeling good – are the result of consistent energy care. 

The fact that the skin is perfectly suited to receive reorganizing and restoring impulses supports the Life Resonance program. 

Energy flow can be stimulated through the skin. Moreover, not only skin and tissue functions can be restored to balance, one's entire well-being can be harmoniously influenced through the skin.

With the revolutionary approach of enriching high-quality cosmetics containing reorganizing and energizing factors, Life Resonance provides the opportunity to rebalance, revitalize and regenerate the skin's function and positively influence the body as a whole.

A rich and varied selection of plant ingredients offering numerous synergistic characteristics and properties are integrated in all our products, hence providing the skin maximum protection and support. 

The carefully selected and powerful plant extracts, oils and natural fragrances originate from certified organically grown sources and reflect the abundance of regenerative wealth that nature has to offer. 

This is a unique Swiss Innovation developed by Life Resonance and the Institure for Bioinformation

Life Resonance products are free from:

  • aggressive chemical preservatives. Not only the entire product, but every single ingredient is free from chemical preservatives
  • harmful chemical emulsifying agents
  • synthetic fragrances
  • chemical light protection-(UV)-filters
  • silicone oil, paraffin and vaseline
  • PEGs (polyethylene glycol)
  • urea
  • sodium laurel sulphate
  • animal ingredients and animal testing

All ingredients are carefully selected according to ecological and integral health criteria. All products fulfill the highest safety requirements.

Quantum Physics in practical application

Bioactivation is a proprietary technology to imprint energy resonance patterns into specific materials like gold and quartz. It is based on specifically designed biophysical and electronic devices. 

The energy resonance patterns imprinted into the Boiopulser and Drink Pulser helps to restruckture the energy field of food and drinks. by doing so the taste and flavour of foods and drinks are enhanced suppoting our body to faster regenerate, to restore organization and to maintain energy balance.

 The basic effect is a transmittance of energy in a resonance-like interaction between emitter (product) and absorber (user).  The Bioactivation technology is based on working principles of alternative treatment systems such

as Chinese Medicine, Homeopathic Therapy, Dr. Bach Remedies that address the body's energy field for improvement of organization, restorance and energy balance for health and well-being.

Since quantum physics modern scientists describe our existence as being based on particle and wave, matter and information, taking into consideration that high levels of organization and coherence support and maintain complex biological systems.

Fritz A. Popp, German physicist, quality test of foods by "Delayed Luminescence of Biological Systems  in Terms of Coherent States".

Konstantin Korotkov, Russian physicist, tests organization and energetic states of materials by his   "Gas Discharge Technology".

K.P. Schlebusch, W. Maric-Öhler and F.A. Popp: "Biophotonics in the Infrared Spectral Range Reveal Acupuncture Meridian Structure of the Body". 

Erwin Schrödinger, Austrian physicist, Nobel Prize for his contribution to quantum mechanics:..."The knack by which an organism is able to maintain a highly organized level is achieved by the perpetual 'soaking up' of order from its surroundings."...

Bioactivation and the Life Resonance product lines are based on long years of experience of the two founders and their recognition that optimal bodily function, mental well-being and a pleasing, radiant vitality - as well as simply feeling good - are the result of cons