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Make money with music without selling music!?!

Posted by Ernest John Fleckenstein on September 27, 2011 at 7:50 PM

Make money with music without selling music!?!Bandplanet is basically a FREE music community to join. After joining you do not have confirm your Premium club membership nordo you have to participate in our profit sharing system or any other income generating opportunity.

But let’s be honest, this is such an incredible and unusual opportunity that does not come around every day! Especially if youwant to live your passion with financial freedom. The bandplanet Premium member was created to support musicians, bands, professional members andeven music fans to produce additional income or even financial independence.This will allow those who are serious about their passions to realize their dreams and goals.

You would be crazy not to check this out in detail and participate as we are the first global profit sharing music community that shares it’s profits with it’s members!

Real SocialNetworking beings with bandplanet…

To be able to profit from the various income generating opportunities you must be a Premium Club member. Just confirm your membership within your 30day free trialperiod or upgrade later to the Premium Club.

This will give you the right to work on all income opportunities and features specially designed for the Premium Club. This qualifies you automatically to participatein our incredible profit sharing system. Bandplanet will distribute 50% of it's revenues generated via the Premium Club back to the community.

One of the opportunities you can participate in is call the profit sharing program.Fill the funnel is the name of the "Game".

The profit sharing program is a real business opportunity and allows you to make money with music without selling a single song or album! Specially created to develop your financial independence.

With our funnel "game" everyone becomes a winner after a while! The reason for this is, the what we call "forced Matrix". The magic is in the matrix we apply and how we compensate you. Our compensation plan is a easy to understand and unique system developed for long term profit & growth.

The only thing you have to do is invite your friends, family, fans, business partners to Bandplanet and invite them to join in to this new music revolution and opportunity.

Our bonus leverage system will compensate you for every new Premium Club member you generate month after month and also those generated by your downline ofmembers you invited. In this way you will earn residual income with Bandplanet as a thank you for supporting the development of the community.

My recommendation; if you are looking for a fun and easy way to produce extra income join Bandplanet then join the Premium Club.

If you are a music artist, band or label you will also have the unique opportunity to earn100% on your music and even profit share your track or album download pricewith your fans. Your fans can in this way earn as premium Club member alsomoney by promoting songs and albums. Isn't this fantastic?

Many people are talking about change in the music industry, well with bandplanet change is here. Learn more here;

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