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Bandplanet - a new music business model for the future

Posted by Ernest John Fleckenstein on August 21, 2011 at 11:45 AM

Music Business for Everyone?

Serveral years we have been working together with a partner on a new business model and community for the music industry. Now it has become reality. WIth the right investors and people this innovative poject could be realized. The music community is called Bandplanet.

As many of you know, in the last few year the music business has been shifting dramatically which makes the life of music artists and bands difficult to survive from their music. Since the internet is improving rapidly possibilities have grown to develop new concepts and strategies. This change allows to create around entirely new promotional models that puts the music fans, at thevery center of the circle.

What makes the music fans so important. Well, very simple the music  fans is the one thats pends money on CD's, downloads, merchandise, concert tickets etc. and brings money to the music industry and also to the music artists. No music fans, no music industry. All of us are in some way music fans. Everyone has his favorite kind of music he or she likes to buy and listen.

So, isn't it just logical that a new music community model for the music industry has toinclude the music fan in some way.

Today music artists and bands have many option to present them selves and even sale their music. The problem is that very often only a small portion of the money that is made with the music really ends up with the creative music artist, if any at all.

That's why many people are looking for new business models to support the future of music & music artists and want to find ways to involve the music fan better inthe music business process..

MySpace, Reverbnation,OurStage, LastFM are already very good options offered today for bands and music artists as the trend for "do it yourself promotion" is growing.This means outside of creating and playing music, music artists are confronted todayto see themselves or their band as a company with many tasks to be done related with marketing, promotion and sales. Very valuable are communities that can offer information and tools that support to fulfill these tasks.

Bandplanet is going completely new ways which I would like to present here a bit more in detail.Bandplanet is the first global music fair trade and profit sharing community on the planet. We have developed a community model where bands, music artists & fans can interact, from a music business point of view, together. Bandplanet combines Music, Fun and Business into an interacting space of community with a never before applied concept for the music industry.

Basically, Bandplanet is a free community to join. But, if one really wants to benefit from the membership, they recommend to join their premium club. A premium club membership costs only € 9.80 per month. The club has been created for those members who want to live their passion. Also for those looking for some extra fun and change in their lives and would like to earn extra income or even tobecome financially independent.

Now this here is quite cool and very different to all other communities on the web. With apremium club membership labels, bands, musicians set the price for their music themselves and then can earn 100% on their music downloads. Music fans can earnmoney when they promote (share) music. A new interaction possibility as been created! Additionally every premium club member also participates automatically in a profit sharing model that produces residual income for active members that create new premium member club signups. This profit sharing model can lead to financial independence if the member dose what Bandplanet recommends.

Personally I think the Bandplanet music business model has a big future. Music business for everyone has become reality. If you are a band, music artist, music fans or you arein any kind of music related business I would recommend to you to have a look at Bandplanet and consider to support them and spread the word. You will support yourself by doing so! Click the banner to go to Bandplanet" target="_blank">

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