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What's the buzz about phototherapy?

Posted by Ernest John Fleckenstein on January 13, 2012 at 7:40 AM

The most natural way to support your health, beauty and wellbeing!

Worldwide there is abuzz going on about Phototherapy because of it's incredible benefits for health,skin and general wellbeing. Why is there a growing community of health care,skin care and wellness specialists fascinated about the application of Light?

Well, sun Light hasalways been seen as something very special. Ancient Cultures as well as modern science have already shown that sunlight and also artificial light of differentqualities can be used for many different applications. More than 100 years of phototherapy research and practice have been generating a large understanding about thebiological effect and benefits of light to our general health and skin.

Since now more than 40years, the visible part of light spectrum (that part of light we need to see)has been researched in detail on many medical and also cosmetologicalapplications. It has been proven that most of our biological functions areregulated in some way by various visible light frequencies. The experiences made are so exciting and promising that even the US Navy’s and NASA’s ongoingprograms include the evaluation of Phototherapy with visible light to support Marines and Astronauts health and general wellbeing wile their work. 

Phototherapy supports, among other things, various phases of the natural regeneration potential of the human body. It is inflammation retarding, pain reducing,improves perfusion, assists the development of new blood vessels, supportsoxygen transport and transport function of the blood, enhances lymphaticdrainage and triggers general metabolic activity. It also regulates the hormonal system and optimizes neuroimmunological parameters.

Since1981 a new kind of phototherapy technology based on polarized light was developed.Today, Polarized Light Systems emitting the complete visible spectrum between 380 - 780 nm and near infrared range and using dichroic filter technology to breakdown the wavelength to a specific indication action spectrum and a powerdensity of approx 40mW/cm2, belong to the best tools forphototherapy applications. As light frequency impact are very effective to thehuman body and skin, it is of great importance that health care and skin care specialists are properly educated to achieve optimal results and no adversereaction for their clients.

Phototherapy offers interesting and new business opportunities for health care and skin carespecialists. Visible polarized light is the medicine and skin care of thefuture. Become part of a fascinated and excited community. Your patients and clientswill thank you...

Q.Light Phototherapy for Skin Care:

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